More Slope Soaring RC Sailplane Videos

More videos with throwing a glider from the top of the hill and fun with RC sailplanes and slope soaring. Things don’t always go as planned, but as you will see, slope soaring with a RC glider planes is a whole lot of fun and great challenge.

In case you’re not that familiar with RC glider planes, note that (most) these RC sailplanes don’t have motors in them and they are thrown to the air by hand. The planes are then flown by utilizing the lifting air currents caused by the heat of the earth (thermal soaring) or the wind blowing into a slope (slope soaring).

Very cost effective fun I’d say :)

Before going for the videos, if you’re new to slope soaring, you might want to read our introduction on slope soaring glider planes.

Slope Soaring RC Sailplane

RC slope soaring in Dorset. Video by willpalmer13 on Youtube.

RC Slope Soaring at Mill Hill

RC slope soaring at Mill Hill in Sussex near Shoreham Airport. Video by microsomma. Various models flown by various people, including an ASW 24 scale sailplane by FVK Modell.

Easy Glider Electric Slope Soaring in San Jose

Video by ssgtakeo flying Easy Glider Electric on the slopes of Communications Hill in San Jose, CA.

The Easy Glider Electric flown on the last video is a good RC sailplane for beginners and doesn’t cost that much. There’s usually some Easy Glider Pro kits on eBay for a good price and you can always check the other RC sailplanes on sale there if you feel like starting RC slope soaring yourself.

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