Easy Star RC Plane – Easy to Fly Electric RC Plane

Easy Star RTF from Amazon.com (Amazon.com)

Easy Star RTF from Amazon.com

Easy Star RC Plane is easy to fly, very durable and perfect RC aeroplane for beginners.

What makes the Multiplex Easy Star one of the most popular RC Planes?

Why even the most experienced RC hobbyists love this “beginner plane”?

Read on to find out…

Easy Star RC Plane Is Easy to Fly

When an experienced RC hobbyist is asked what is the best RC plane for a beginner, there’s a great chance that Easy Star will be mentioned — and for a good reason.

Easy Star is a great park flyer. It is designed with beginners in mind, so it’s very easy to build and and even easier to fly. It’s considered as one of the top beginner planes and many RC hobbyists have started with this plane.

Easy Star is flown with elevator/rudder and throttle control. It is specifically designed for beginner learning to fly RC aeroplanes. It can handle little more wind than most beginner planes and it also has good gliding ability.

With the gliding abilities, in the right conditions you can find yourself thermal or slope soaring with this one. This in addition to the flying times with a 6-7 cell battery pack gives Easy Star 2-3 hours of flight time.

And what makes Easy Star even more special, is that it’s a plane that many keep on flying for years — so it’s definitely not just a plane for beginners.

Unlike many other beginner, or RTF planes in general, Easy Star is modifiable and more experienced flyers like the fact you can for example put a brushless motor on it and change the other parts too.

Easy Star Is Available as Both RTF and ARF Kit Versions

Easy Star RC Plane can be bought as an RTF version, which is perfect for beginners. The plane is ready to fly in couple of hours (just charge the batteries, attach the wings and you’re ready to go).

The RC transmitter on the RTF version is a lot better than on many other RTF planes as are the parts that come with the plane. The radio in the RTF package can be used to fly other planes too (rare in the cheap RTF packages).

If one is looking to modify the plane from the start or add your own radio gear, it’s great to have the ARF option available. This way you can this great flyer just the way you like it. No painting is required on either the RTF or the ARF version, so the prefabricated and colorful parts is the only thing you need.

The standard motor can’t take 3 cell LiPo, but switching to a 2 cell LiPo battery can be done, which is what many do when putting a brushless motor in (then even a 3-celler might work, depending on the motor, but 2-cell LiPo if often enough).

Common Easy Star modification is to place a brushless motor on it, change the propeller (for example thin 6×4 fits without cutting, larger requires a bit of modification and cutting the frame, but that can be done too).

There has even been Easy Star brushless versions available from some sellers, so there’s a chance you might find an Easy Star with Brushless motor in a RTF package too.

Easy Star Is Built to Last

Easy Star’s motor is placed above the wings! This is perfect for safety and makes the plane a lot more durable than many other beginner planes.

If you hit the ground nose down (which is more likely to happen for a beginner than not), on a standard design there’s a great chance that the motor or the propeller will break on the crash.

With Easy Star, built from long-lasting and durable ELAPOR foam, the motor is safe from such incidents. The clever motor placement and durable design make Easy Star one of the hardest planes to break.

It’s by no means indestructible, but breaking it beyond repair or causing damage that requires purchasing spare parts is a lot harder than with most other planes. ELAPOR foam as a material is easy to repair and get back in the air if something does happen.

Easy Star can be dismantled easily for transportation as the wings come off without special tools (and the box it comes with can be used to keep it with you, if you don’t have a special travel box around).

As the wings are not permanently attached, this also increases the durability as the wings are not hard-mounted, but can give in a bit on impact which reduced the risk of damaging the plane even further.

Easy Star Has a Large Community of Fans

Check out these amazing resources to find out more about the Easy Star RC plane, learn to fly it, see how others have modified it and much more!

Join The FUN and Get Your Own Easy Star RC Plane!

Multiplex, the manufacturer, is based on the US, but being such a popular plane, Easy Star is being sold all around the world.

Easy Star RC plane is one of the most popular beginner planes, together with the Super Cub RTF, and as said – many advanced pilots like it too, so you should be able to find Easy Star from your local shop. Also, Easy Star is available from many online sellers, so you can order the plane quickly and get it delivered to your doorsteps…

To buy your Easy Star RC Plane online, check out these trusted vendors…

4 thoughts on “Easy Star RC Plane – Easy to Fly Electric RC Plane

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  2. Steve

    It’s important to find a good, robust flyer to get any beginner into rc planes and I have to agree that the Easy Star is certainly one of these. The fact that it can also be modified as well is a great way to learn your way around the workings of rc planes and progress you from a beginner to a more experienced pilot.
    This is a nice post that really sums up what you should be looking for in a good plane and how to get the most out of them. Thanks


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