Easy Star RC Plane – Easy to Fly Electric RC Plane

Easy Star RTF from Amazon.com (Amazon.com)

Easy Star RTF from Amazon.com

Easy Star RC Plane is easy to fly, very durable and perfect RC aeroplane for beginners.

What makes the Multiplex Easy Star one of the most popular RC Planes?

Why even the most experienced RC hobbyists love this “beginner plane”?

Read on to find out…

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More Slope Soaring RC Sailplane Videos

More videos with throwing a glider from the top of the hill and fun with RC sailplanes and slope soaring. Things don’t always go as planned, but as you will see, slope soaring with a RC glider planes is a whole lot of fun and great challenge.

In case you’re not that familiar with RC glider planes, note that (most) these RC sailplanes don’t have motors in them and they are thrown to the air by hand. The planes are then flown by utilizing the lifting air currents caused by the heat of the earth (thermal soaring) or the wind blowing into a slope (slope soaring).

Very cost effective fun I’d say :)

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RC Sailplane Slope Soaring In Southern Ireland

RC sailplane slope soaring video series by rcxorph on Youtube. Beautiful scenery from the Knockmealdown Mountains and slope soaring RC sailplane action at it’s finest. Loving it!

Check the videos below to see the RC glider plane action yourself. I added some info from the video descriptions, so you’ll know what the sailplane is and all that. Continue reading